Despite being a preferred service destination, India also has a strong manufacturing base that is being promoted very well through the ‘Make in India’ campaign. Experts believe that it is a matter of time before ‘Make in India’, foremost means ‘Designed in India’. The design degrees on offer prepare students with the skills to design tangible and intangible products and making these within India would mean contributing to the national cause.

If you appreciate the arts and crafts, tried your hand at them, did well and are mulling about why these skills may not be integral to mainstream career options, then pursuing a design degree could be that first-step forward for you. More specifically, if you have nurtured a constructive discontent, starting with thinking why not the products you see around could be better in terms of their usability, appeal, affordability etc and try come up with alternatives, product design could be your calling. Similarly, if you see ways in which interactions between humans and their environment can be better, interaction design could be your calling. The recent smart initiatives that the government is promoting also increase the need for Interaction Design and Communication design.


Observing the importance that ‘design’ could bring to pedagogy and the integration of mainstream disciplines in engineering and the arts, PES University has decided to set-up a B.Design Program. PES University B.Design Program aims to be the best and the first-batch has commenced from August 2016. The UG program offers a four-year Bachelor of Design (B.Des) degree in three streams, Product Design, Interaction Design and Communication Design.


Ample space is available for facilities that enable students to ideate, explore novel concepts, digitize these to simulate appearance and performance under different test situations and prototype concepts as feasible.

  • Animation Studio (2D and 3D)
  • Library with a good collection of books spanning a broad-range of design and related topics, national and international design journals and access to several e-libraries.
  • Carpentry Shop
  • Art Studio
  • Classrooms with audio-visual recording and streaming facilities
  • Fab Lab/Design Innovation Studio with several prototyping and rapid prototyping facilities
  • Digital Sculpting Studio
  • Form Studio (3D)
  • Photography Studio with lighting equipment

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